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Codeistic Technical Academy

Whether you're just starting out, or you have a little bit of understanding on your craft, this is the best place to get things started!

At Codeistic Technical Academy, we believe in starting from the ground up--even if you are familiar with the basics and are just looking for ways to get things to work, going back to the basic often reveals tools and techniques that you might be unaware about or might have forgotten. With this mindset at play, we train you to not only get a fair grasp of your domain of choice, but with actual practical projects thrown into the mix, we get you to a level where you can actually create content thats useful in the real world out there!

Our Courses

Web Designing

Learn to create content thats website ready from scratch .

Web Development

Learn the apply code behind the scenes that gets a website to functional state.

Tools & Techniques

learn to use certain tools that makes your life a lot easier.


Learn to create websites that scale to look great on smartphones

Practical Applications

learn to create an actual functional webpage.


Complete the course and earn yourself a certificate.


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Our Courses


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Why Choose Us?

We, at Codeistic are a bunch of passionate people who love to work on a creative aspect. To that end, the projects we deal with all take on a unique form, with each product portraying a life of its own. Through the variety of projects that we dealt with, we truly have gained creative outlook on things, add to that the experience factor. With that being said, we do understand the struggles of a beginner in the field of their choosing. In today’s competitive world, experience and skill trumps all, which, ironically, is a hard trait to come by.

Enter Codeistic Technical Academy—a course dedicated to train students to gain a fair understanding of their domain. Through the variety of lessons and course plan, we aim to bring a student’s knowledgebase up to where he/she can sustain themselves in the field of their choosing. We are Codeistic, and we aim to make a difference.