First we ask the right questions.
Then we discover compelling insights. Results follow.

First we ask the right questions.
Then we discover compelling insights.
Results follow.

Notice all the well placed graphics throughout our site? We can do it for you! Our background in Fine Art allows us to quickly create intuitive graphics that help narrate what you can offer your customers. Give us a little direction and we will be able to provide high quality graphics to help break up the contextual portions of your website. We take great pride in our graphics in order to create a user friendly atmosphere for your customers. Don’t let sloppy graphics scare away potential leads. High quality graphics can also be a great form of organic SEO for users that like use image searches. Since every little detail helps with SEO, we like to keep the file size of our graphics to a minimum in order to ensure fast load times.


CODEISTIC has an experienced team of graphic designers who work closely with our developers to provide a complete suite of design/development services.
The appearance of a site is a vital component of the online user experience - companies need to have a fast, efficient, professional-looking website which is easy to understand and navigate. Because the layout influences the overall visual feel of your site, it is important to spend some time thinking about the overall layout prior to submitting a development request. Ease of navigation and simplicity should be your primary concerns.


Graphic design is a visually creative process whereby icons, logos, advertisements, brochures, leaflets, business cards and any other visual communications are developed to meet your brand/corporate identity.
Our graphic design service will help you create eye-catching visuals for any type of material you want to produce.
Our expertise will ensure that all of your material is designed to the highest quality.
If you need a one-off visual created for an advertisement, building mock up, logo design or any design, we will endeavour to create only the best for you.
If you want multiple designs or multi-platform designs for different mediums like websites, letterheads, social media, blogs, advertisements and brochures, then our expertise will help bring your brand to life. We will ensure that your branded message is consistent to provide you with effective multi-channel marketing material.

DESIGN - the basics

  • Bold Advertising
  • One clear message
  • Keep it simple
  • Dare to be different
  • Keep it clean
  • Be bright
  • Focus on your customers
  • Keep it sharp
  • Show your product
  • Less is more